Passport Program

If your organization purchases more than $10,000 in classroom training we will discount each student's fee by 20%.
Here's how it works and what separates our Passport Program from our competitor's offering:

  • You purchase the "Training Passport" with a lump sum payment of at least $10,000. Each time you book a
    student we discount the fee by 20%. You must book at least two students per class but we will lock off the class
    so only employees from your organization can attend (even if it's just two students). And if you want to apply
    your Passport dollars to On-site Training the 20% discount will still apply!
  • Our competitors ask you to pay up front as well but they discount off the top. The catch is you have to select
    a 2 or 3-day course BEFORE you buy the passport. Plus there will likely be students from other organizations
    (or individuals) in the class. It's complicated and doesn't allow for mixing and matching. Having your employees
    in a class with strangers means varying levels of experience and places severe limitations on customization.
    Our Passport Program gives you flexibility without sacrificing savings.