On-site Training

For those clients who prefer to train in their own facility, we will gladly accommodate you. In fact, On-site Training is our
specialty. Not only are we skilled at providing On-site Training services, we believe our pricing model for On-site Training is
extremely cost-effective, especially for clients who are training 3 or more students. You provide the training room and we
provide the instructor.

  • $900 per day (1 student)
  • $1200 per day (2 - 3 students)
  • $1400 per day (4 - 6 students)
  • $1600 per day (7 - 8 students)
  • $1800 per day (9 - 10 students)

    10+ quote available. Ask us about customization and non-profit discounts.
    Please note that the above prices apply to the 5 boroughs of New York City only. If you require training outside of New York
    City we will be happy to customize a quote for you. We also offer Post-training Support. Contact us at training@etclearn.com

    The instructor will arrive early on the first day of class to make sure that everything is ready to go and that any necessary lesson files are installed on the computers. If you don’t have a fully equipped training space at your facility there are two options:

    • We can provide Windows PCs and MacBook Pros - fully loaded with Windows or Mac OSX operating systems and pre-loaded with application software. Our instructors are technically savvy and prepared to configure the training space.
    • We can help you identify the requisite hardware and software if you prefer to source these on your own, and we will refer you to reputable rental companies we like to work with. We'll do this at no additional expense to you.