We Don't Just Train....

How many times have you booked a class and you don't even know the name of the instructor until the day you arrive for the training? When you speak with our sales reps at some point they will hook you up with the appropriate instructor. That's why we added "consulting" to our name. In some cases it's an exchange of emails. In other scenarios the instructor needs to go over your workflow as a starting point. This consultation can take place by email or conference call.

Here's a real-world example:

We received a call from a publishing house that was in the business of creating educational books. They discovered, after the fact, that there were errors in page layouts. We sent an instructor to their facility to sit with the appropriate group and walk through the workflow. The weak links were discovered and the instructor created a new workflow with "alert points" to catch any errors. Then we sent back two instructors to train the team on the new workflow. The cost of this work (about $10,000) was offset by the fact that the company was no longer losing money on re-printing and overtime. Not to mention the potential loss of clients due to errors and delays.

In a classroom setting it is important to give the instructor an idea of what you are doing with the software (in advance). You can even bring files that you are working on to the class.