InDesign CS5.5: ePub and iPad

Class length: 2 days
Hours: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Cost: $900


ePub and iPad

Course Description:

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If you are just starting to make the transition from traditional print to ePub, or need to learn the new features in InDesign CS5.5, then this workshop is for you. The workshop will improve your skills in ePub and HTML.  Other new features include: Articles Panel, Linked Stories, improved Map-Styles to export tags, Object Export options, ePub Export improvements, and accessible PDF files.  This hands-on workshop is beneficial for the non-coder who needs to stay on the cutting-edge of Adobe InDesign CS.5.

Our two day course introduces you to the core features of this industry standard application.
Note there is a lab at the end of day two geared towards preparing files for ePub.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: The New Articles Panel

  • How to change the story order
  • Combine multiple text and graphic frames
  • Rearrange order

Lesson 2: Linked Stories

  • Create a link to another story
  • Child/Clone techniques
  • Limitations when formatting text

Lesson 3: Style Mapping

  • Export Tagging overview
  • Paragraph vs. Character Style option
  • Break Document by Paragraph Style
  • Map Styled text to CSS Styles
  • Map Styled text for HTML
  • Tagged PDF Markup
  • Create a PullQuote
  • Edit the Class field

Lesson 4: Object Export Options

  • Apply Alt text (utilize for accessibility feature)
  • Convert Image to JPG/GIF/PNG (resolution)
  • Convert Text Frame and Non-Graphic to Rasterized object

Lesson 5: ePub Export Improvements

  • File Export with ePub and HTML (listed with FLA, SWF, etc.)
  • Export Options dialog box
  • Specify Cover Image
  • Content Ordering
  • Formatting options
  • Image Size options
  • Indicate Chapter Breaks
  • Metadata for publication date

Lesson 6: Improved Anchor Objects

  • Create an inline object
  • Editing Anchor Object options
  • Tips and Shortcuts when applying Anchor Objects

Lesson 7: Other Features

  • Interface improvements
  • Book Margins
  • Support for PNG
  • Image Resolution PPI setting
  • Image Size - relative to page
  • Hunspell Dictionaries
  • DPS Tablet Features
  • Subscription Pricing

Lesson 8: ePub Lab

  • Preparing files for ePub