Excel Charts and Diagrams

Class length: 1 day
Hours: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Cost: $350

Xpress Workout: Excel Charts and Diagrams

Course Description:

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The objective of this workout is to discuss the various methods of creating a chart from Microsoft Excel data.


Workout Outline:


  • Parts of a chart
  • Types of charts
  • The chart menu
  • The chart toolbar
  • Creating a default chart quickly
  • Creating a chart via the Chart Wizard
  • Choosing chart options
  • Changing a chart's size and position
  • Changing the default chart type
  • Printing a chart
  • Selecting chart elements
  • Repositioning chart elements with the mouse
  • Moving and resizing the plot area
  • Working with titles
  • Adding text annotations
  • Working with data labels
  • Working with axes
  • Adding, removing, and formatting Gridlines
  • Formatting data series and markers
  • Working with data tables
  • Formatting background areas
  • Changing three-dimensional viewing angles
  • Other types of diagrams