Customize your Reports using Access

Class length: 1 day
Hours: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Cost: $350

Xpress Workout: Customize Your Reports using Access

Workout Outline:

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You will learn to use features of Access and compatible applications to create customized reports that meet your information needs.
You will also learn techniques for making reports more attractive and for sharing the reports with people who do not have Access


Course Outline:


Using Subreports

  • Identify the main report
  • Create a query
  • Add the subreport
  • Enhance the report

Add Charts

  • Create a pie chart
  • Dress up the chart
  • Change the data source and chart type

Add Special Effects

  • Include parameter values
  • Have conditional text
  • Create a watermark
  • Use fancy text

Share Reports

  • Export a snapshot
  • Share the snapshot
  • Use Snapshot Viewer
  • Put it online
  • View the HTML version