Working With PowerPoint Templates

Class length: 1 day
Hours: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Cost: $350

Xpress Workout: Working With PowerPoint Templates

Workout Outline:

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One of the more efficient ways to create a professional presentation with PowerPoint is to use a template.
The trick is to use the template as a staring point and to then make it your own.


Workout Outline:


  • View PowerPoint Templates
  • Understanding the default settings of a template
  • Using and customizing the Slide Master
  • Using and customizing the Title master
  • Setting a color scheme for your template
  • Design a PowerPoint presentation and save it as a template
  • Create a custom tab for your templates
  • Create a PowerPoint template and save it to your custom folder
  • Downloading templates from Microsoft's web site
  • Using multiple Masters
  • Duplicating and preserving Slide Masters
  • Applying a template to an existing presentation
  • Applying multiple templates to an existing presentation
  • Creating a custom toolbar to store in the template
  • Using AutoLayout
  • Working with the Handout and Notes Masters